Terms & Conditions




A. IYCL represents International Youth Cricket League. Its a private sports tournament organised by Sports World in association with Human Development Commission (HUDECO) and the general terms and conditions are mentioned below:


IYCL never accepts payments through any of the agents or employees and unless you get a payment receipt from IYCL the payment will not be deemed as verified.

IYCL trial fee and tournament fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. Please read all the terms and schedules before making payments

IYCL does not take any responsibility of any payments made to any third party who may be collecting payments in disguise. Customers always need to make payments on our official website www.iycleague.comonly.


B. Trials



IYCL conducts selections trials in various parts of the country as well as out of India as well. Trial schedules are notified in advance however there could be a change in trial schedule due to some trial location re-schedulings. The player agrees to take such re-scheduling as a part of the tournament and understands that this is unavoidable in some circumstances.

Matches are conducted in various locations and its our endeavour to keep the match venues closer to the player’s home locations however that is not always possible and hence if in some cases the players would need to travel, please be ready to do so.

Any travel which is in excess of 350KMs will be reimbursed as below.

Local bus fare and OYO room stay fare will be reimbursed in some cases. The final decision of the management in these circumstances shall be binding on all the players

Matches are organised under the strict vigil of the IYCL officials and certified umpires and hence the players agree to abide by the decisions of the match officials in all such matches without any rogue or indiscipline behaviour 

In an event where some disputes happen on or off the field, the matter will be forwarded to the disciplinary committee and the decision of the disciplinary committee shall be final in all respects

Cricket is an outdoor sport and hence there could be a chance of an injury while paying may be due to the ball or the bats or something similar. Though the company will provide first aid to the player however the company will not be responsible for any such injury and such instances can not be held against the company.

Players understands and accepts to have read all the terms and conditions while registering and signing up and the company can not be held liable for any lack of understanding of the terms

The key purpose of organising these sporting events is to provide a playing opportunity to the players on a bigger platform and against good competition so that players can learn and become better in these sports.

The dresses provided to the players are at the discretion of the organisers and the sponsors and the colours, logos etc will be decided by the company only.

Any players who is found to be indulging in rogue or bad behaviour will be liable for a fine of upto ₹25,000 as well as elimination from the league.

No employees of IYCL is authorised to collect any payments on behalf of the company and any such payments made will be at the sole responsibility of the player only.


C. League Format


The league format has been made in a way that after the selection trials, first there will be State Level Matches and the top players or teams from these matches will then participate in the National Level Matches. The top most players of the national matches will then be given an opportunity to play in IYCL International Tournament. 

Its agreed by the player that all IYCL promises is a fair selection process and a minimum of 3 league matches. Post that it all depends on the performance of the player.

While registering for selection trials its agreed by the players that the proposed selection trials venue are indicative only and there may be a change in the venue due to various reasons which may include weather condition or some other unavoidable circumstances. The company in such cases will plan a new trials venue in consultation with the coaches and announce the same as soon as possible

The player agrees that the change in venue of the trials or the matches is out of the hands of the company and any such change will be accepted by the players without any disagreements

In unprecedented events and situations where the selection trials get canceled the company receives the right to conduct trials through video analysis. The video analysis infrastructure shall be made available by the company at no extra cost.

In an event of a cancellation of a match or a match venue the company reserves the right to award equal points to both the team or else organise a new venue for the match to take place. The player shall agree with any of the options provided by the company.

The players who are unable to perform can try out their luck in the next season

The overall nature of the sport is outdoor and such that there may be a chance of an injury and as such the player agrees that it’s not possible for the company to avoid such game injuries and hence no claims may be made as such.

All the winning prizes will be in form of sponsorships only either by IYCL or by the private sponsorships of the IYCL.

All disputes related to any matter shall be subject to Noida jurisdiction only.

For any clarification please email info@iycleague.com